Beltram Steel Cord Belt

Advantage of Steel Cord

High Tensile Strength

The high strength of Steel Cord ensure selection of Beltram Steel Cord Belt for much higher working tension requirement as compared to conventional fabric belt.

Long Life

Beltram Steel Cord Belt provides long life by utilizing the high fatigue strength of Steel Cords

Product Range

Maximum Belt Width: 3,000 mm

Maximum Belt Thickness: 75 mm

Full Belt Strength Rating

ST- 500ST-630ST-800ST-1000  ST-1250ST- 1600ST-2000ST-2500 ST-3150ST-4000ST-5000ST-6000

Intermediate strength to site particular customer requirement is available by request.



Main Properties


General purpose abrasion/ impact resistance, high abrasion and heavy impact resistance, fire resistant, and anti static, medium to high heat resistant

All combination of the belt strength and cover rubber grades are available within the stated belt width and belt gauge limitation.