Beltram Co., Ltd

Beltram Have Factory in busan, south Korea covering an area of 2000 square meter, employing more than 500 skilled workers, Including more than 20 high-middle rank- ing engineers, industry Expertise.

Beltram Skirting Rubber

Skirting rubber is a multi-purpose rubber used as a guarding solution for all conveyor applications. Available in full widht slabs..

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Aplication: Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt has good Oil Resistant and Organic Solvent Resistance, it is fit for carrying materials including..

Beltram Fabric Conveyor Belt

Fabric Material Fabric Wrap Structure weft Fabric Code No Of Fabric plies Width mm Length Cover Top mm Thickness Bottom..
High Quality Conveyor Belt

Beltram Co., Ltd

BELTRAM have factory in Busan, South Korea, covering an area of 2,000 square meter, employing more than 500 skilled workers including more than 20 high-middle ranking engineers, industry Epertise. We’ve been dedicated to improving belt performance and productivity. That’s meant spending a lot of time in field, working alongside customers and learning about their everyday chalenges- first-hand.

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Beltram Co., Ltd
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