Beltram Steel Cord

BELTRAM belts are the perfect solution for covering long distances, bearing high tension and conveying heavier loads. Given their reduced elongation (close to 0.3%) and high resistance to impact, BELTRAM is ideal for an installation measuring several kilometres. The threads of the warp cords are galvanized and totally saturated in rubber. Cords woven to the left and to the right are alternated in order to guarantee the belt’s straight travel. Transversal rigidity is obtained from the rubber, and as it is more flexible than the fabric used to manufacture.

EP belts, it provides greater troughability. Its great flexibility enables the use of pulleys with a smaller diameter than on textile belts with the same tensile strength.

When greater resistance to longitudinal tearing is required, a layer of fabric (T) is added as a weft, or steel cords (S) with lower resistance than the longitudinal ones. A layer can be added to either one or both faces of the carcass. BELTRAM belts can be made in different rubber qualities, depending on the material to be carried.

The most usual kinds of carcass fall within a range of nominal tensile strength from 1,000 N/mm to 5,400 N/mm.