Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive

BR2000 cold vulcanizing  adhasive is the ideal cement for bonding conveyor belt, rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, fabric to fabrik, rubber to fabric and so on.


1.      Clean the grease, rush and dust on surface to be bonded. For very smooth surface youd better first roughen the surface with sandpaper (for rubber surface you can roughen the surface with file), then clean th surface.

2.      Mix the A & B components with the ratio of A:B=10:1, then the mix to the components thoroughly until the color of the mixture looks the same.

3.      Apply the mixture to surfaces to be bounded with a brush, and make the mixture again, if the textile is of big porous, you should apply the mixture for three times. Dry the mixture until its a little sticky to finger.

4.      Put the surface together, knock the surface with a hammer or press the surface with a roller to get rid of the air inside the surface.


1.      Store and transport the product according to the regulation of inflammable good. Keep out of touch of children.

2.      After mixing the two components, th mixtures should be finished in two hours.

3.      After 20 minutes curing, the bounded materials can be used.

4.      If you feel the liquid is of high viscosity, you can dilute it with thinner.

5.      The shelf life is 36 months, if the product is expiry, you can also use it if it is eligible by retest.


6.      Beore curing, avoid contacting eyes, noses and skin, if contacting, flush the part with plenty of water at once.