About Us

BELTRAM have factory in Busan, South Korea, covering an area of 2,000 square meter, employing more than 500 skilled workers, including more than 20 high-middle ranking engineers.


Our Management has commitment to Quality and will implement and maintain a total Quality Management Program based on AS/NZ, ISO 9002. We supply and install ceramic lining for many aspect of coal mining, power station and cement plant especially for chute & pipe cyclone. Over the years, we have sources and distributed products wich are compatible with our service and able to meet our quality and pricing requirement and indeed that of our customer.


Our Products have been honored with “High-Class Product” by the state Science Committe. They are widely used in Machinery, Industry, agriculture Fishery, metallurgy, petroleum, and mining etc. 70% of out Products are exported overseas. Our World Wide markets include America, south United States, Western and middle Europe, East and Western Asia.